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You Can Talk the Plot, but Can You Walk the Plot?

talk about it! <3

Plot Talk!
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Welcome to plot talk. We're a small livejournal community dedicated to discussing plot ideas. If you've ever had a half formed fiction idea in your mind but are unsure of how to get it to come into focus, this is the place to talk it out.

There are a few rules to this community that I ask people to adhere to:

  • Respect other peoples views on characterization. It is highly possible that you will come across someone here who does not share the same views as yourself on characters.
  • No flaming will be tolerated.
  • Plot ideas are not up for grabs. This is not a plot bunny adoption community. This is a place for people to work out the kinks in their own storylines with the help of others.

Any discussion or relevent website links are welcome. I hope this community will be able to help defuzz the bunnies.